Are you an e-commerce seller? Has your e-commerce account been frozen on Amazon, eBay,
AliExpress, Alibaba, Wish.com, DHgate, or another platform? Well, if so, you may want to
become familiar with a recently filed temporary restraining order (TRO) submitted by Greer,
Burns & Crain, Ltd. (GBC) on behalf of Nike. The details are as follows: 

Nike has taken action to fight what they perceive to be e-commerce sellers who are offering
unauthorized and/or unlicensed products via several online platforms to customers in Illinois.
They claim that sellers are utilizing one or more than one alias to operate multiple e-commerce
stores in an effort to purvey counterfeit goods under concealed identities. However, Nike itself
admits in the complaint that some of the responsibility falls on the e-commerce platforms and
their lack of adequate verification methods. Meaning, if you’ve received a temporary restraining
order (TRO) from Nike, it may not be your fault! 

For context, a temporary restraining order (TRO) is a short term injunction, or court order
requiring one to do or not do something, which one receives before a trial. Judges only issue a
TRO when they are convinced it is necessary to prevent further harm to an existing business
and its practices. They are NOT permanent and can absolutely be resolved with the assistance
of the proper legal counsel. 

In the case of Nike, a global multi-billion dollar brand, the company claims that e-commerce
sales of so-called “Counterfeit Nike Products” across multiple platforms has resulted in
irreparable damage to their trademarks, and so they are seeking monetary relief. If you are an
e-commerce seller who has been named in the complaint and have not knowingly sold
counterfeit Nike products, or who firmly believes these claims are false, don’t worry! You have
many resources at your disposal. 

The Law Office of Travis J. Stockman is here to guide you through the complicated legal
landscape of intellectual property disputes. We have an exceptional track record of resolving a
wide variety of disputes in full compliance with intellectual property laws, and are passionate
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