Swarovski, represented by Greer, Burns & Crain, Ltd., has filed a lawsuit against e-commerce sellers: Case No. 21-cv-00714. 

Founded in 1895, Swarovski is a globally popular glass, jewelry, and accessories producer based in Austria. The company has an annual revenue of over $4 million and more than 3,000 retail stores across 170 countries. Many iconic celebrities have worn the brand’s jewelry, among them Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, and Penelope Cruz; and Swarovski pieces have been featured in a number of acclaimed films, such as Titanic, Black Swan, Moulin Rouge, and Beauty and the Beast

If you are one of the Defendants named in the suit filed by Swarovski, then by now it is likely you have received a Temporary Restraining Order, which has resulted in frozen accounts and assets related to the sale of so-called “infringing and counterfeit” products manufactured with the company’s branding. Monies generated from the sale of products entirely unrelated to the company in question may also be tied up due to the Temporary Restraining Order. We understand how frustrating this kind of interruption to your business can be, and we want you to know there are solutions at hand. 

Above all else, it is always in your best interest to respond. Providing an Answer to the lawsuit decreases the risk of you losing money by a long shot. In effect, issuing a response excludes you from the possibility of receiving a Default Judgment, which is something you definitely want to avoid at all costs. Simply put, a Default Judgment is a fancy term for a judgement issued by the court when a defendant has failed to appear or respond to the lawsuit. In these instances, liability is presumed and the court typically awards the plaintiff hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages. This may be of particular importance if you and your business entity are based in China or another country outside of the United States as our legal system is difficult to navigate and extremely complicated. 

The Law Office of Travis J. Stockman is eager to offer you the kind of effective guidance required to appropriately counteract any unproven claims made against you as an e-commerce seller. When major international companies worth billions of dollars leverage a complaint against an independent entrepreneur and small business operator like you, that’s where we come in! You need someone who can successfully resolve your case for you. We want to put the money you made and which you are owed back in your account just as enthusiastically as you do! 

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