Amazon Account and Listing Reinstatement

We understand that sellers work extremely work hard to launch and maintain their E-commerce businesses on platforms such as Amazon which is why we make it our responsibility to protect these interests and intellectual property rights as if they were our own. While Amazon provides sellers with tremendous financial opportunity, Amazon can be just as quick to pull that opportunity within the blink of an eye and we understand how stressful this can be for sellers. Our firm provides consulting on all Amazon related issues including listing suspensions, account suspensions, payment disputes and Arbitration against Amazon. Drafting the proper plan of action can be the difference between losing your business and prospering on the Amazon platform. In addition to our experience in handling Amazon account reinstatements, we resolved hundreds of lawsuits filed by big brands against Amazon sellers involving various allegations of intellectual property infringement. From helping sellers to resolve intellectual property disputes to ensuring compliance with Amazon platform policies, our firm can handle all of your Amazon needs.