Amazon Suing Sellers and Facebook Admins Over Review Manipulation Accusations

Amazon Suing Sellers and Facebook Admins Over Review Manipulation Accusations

Just last week, multiple major media outlets reported on a huge lawsuit filed by Amazon, which is suing upwards of 10,000 Facebook group administrators for writing and/or facilitating fake reviews for e-commerce products. Amazon labels this tactic as “Review Manipulation.”  

If you are one of the Amazon sellers named in the lawsuit, then you may be the victim of an unfair accusation. The complaint filed in King County Superior Court, Seattle, alleges that groups like “Amazon Product Review” and “Amazon Varified Buyer & Seller” offered payment and/or refunds to buyers in exchange for writing bogus reviews, or directly sold fake reviews, on Facebook. 

This latest tactic by Amazon is negatively impacting thousands of online businesses just like yours. 

Reportedly, the most difficult aspect of Amazon’s crusade is that the identity of the Facebook group admins is apparently unknown, which explains why the complaint does not actually name them, it simply refers to the defendants as, “Jane Does d/b/a [doing business as] Facebook groups creators, admins, and moderators.” And yet another roadblock is that many of the FB groups are private and they only admit those who can prove they are an Amazon seller or reviewer. 

As a defendant in the case, you, the seller, have had your account suspended for review manipulation. Next, if not already, you will be asked by Amazon for a Plan of Action.

WE ARE HERE TO DEFEND YOU! Our firm has the deep, intricate knowledge and experiential wherewithal to assist in drafting this Plan of Action, and by doing so, we will provide you with the tools to get reinstated as a seller. Stockman & Poropat, PLLC can offer you the services you require to get rid of this ugly, annoying, confusing mess!

Our firm has successfully handled a myriad of cases just like this, so we can say the following with the utmost confidence: Transparency is the key to reinstatement. Our communication strategy with Amazon will be two-pronged in its overall approach: isolate select reviews for removal and demonstrate a full understanding of review policies so as to convince Amazon that such a violation of terms will never happen again.

You deserve a second chance. We will not only help restore your account, but we will help educate you on how to operate your business to prevent this kind of disruption moving forward. In the unfortunate event you are actually sued, our firm can explore your needs to defend the litigation and establish innocence. Feel free to email us or call (718)-657-7400 for more information on this lawsuit. If you found this content helpful, be sure to review our blog weekly for new updates and information for Amazon sellers.